Zatarain's New Orleans Style Fish Fri Seafood Breading Wonderful

Zatarain's® New Orleans Style Fish Fri® Seafood Breading Wonderful. A New Orleans tradition Since 1889. All corn product. Gluten free. 3 Easy ways to cook! Try our other products: Zatarain's, jambalaya mix. Zatarain's, jambalaya, pasta dinner mix. Zatarain's, shrimp fri. Zatarain's, blackened chicken Alfredo. Zatarain's, crawfish, shrimps & crab boil. Zatarain's, creole mustard. Rice. Pasta. Breading. Frozen. Boils. Condiments. Comments or questions Call 1-877-837-3796 or visit us at for great recipe ideas and product information. ©2015 Zatarain's.