Teakoe Craft Iced Tea Iced Black Tea, Orange Octane, High Caffeine, Filterbags

Bold & energizing. 32 servings. Hand crafted. Non GMO. Small batch. Fuel up with this bold, full-throttled blend of orange peel, energizing ginseng and yerba mate. It's guaranteed to kick start your day and help you perform at the highest level. Orange peel + ginseng + yerba mate. At Teakoe, it's about passion for the craft, pride in what we do, and pursuit of a greater purpose. Tell us about your craft iced tea experience - facebook.com/teakoetea. 100 mg caffeine per serving. Buy Teakoe: Build a beehive. 1. You buy. 2. We build. 3. Bees thrive. teakoe.com/thrive. Printed with vegetable/soy based inks. Recyclable 100% paperboard. Wind powered facility. Made in USA.