Taste Nirvana Coconut Water, with Coconut Nectar & Lime

100% all natural. Natural rehydration & energy. All natural ingredients. Taste Nirvana. Chilled. Drink CocoMotion for 100% all natural rehydration and energy! Taste Nirvana has harnessed the nutritious power of coconuts to make Mother Nature's drink even more perfect for your active lifestyle. CocoMotion is an all-natural rehydration drink made from 100% coconut water, sweetened with coconut nectar (liquid energy sugar from the coconut flower)and brightened up with a tangy splash of lime juice. Coconut Water = for rehydration. Coconut Nectar = natural sweet energy for physical activities. Lime Juice = tangy taste to perk up energy & tastebuds. Cocomotion = happiness, energy, rehydration. www.tastenirvana.com. 100% natural. Rehydration. 800 mg potassium. Natural energy from Nectar. No colors & preservatives. Recycle. Enjoy by 2 years of the coded date. Product of Thailand.