Taos Bakes Bar, Toasted Coconut + Vanilla Bean

Gluten free. Non GMO Project verified. nongmoproject.org. Flavor Facts: 110% DV Bliss. T is for taste (and Taos of course) Tired legs and sore feet; are small prices to pay for; your hikes true reward. T is also for Taos - a historical, cultural and wondrously weird town in Northern New Mexico where the idea for Taos Bakes was born. Our mission was to create the best tasting snack bar on the planet. And we have. We deliver the cleanest, healthiest, highest quality, drop dead delicious snack food to ever roll out of an oven. Each bar is a work of art - with its own unique recipe and personality - kitchen baked in small batches. Enjoy these babies anytime, anywhere - before, during and after anything. So, look no further. This is the taste, texture and treat that will suit you to a T. T is for taste Taos bakes. Toasted coconut; laced with ground vanilla bean; Go on without me. An alternate snack from an alternate universe. TaosBakes.com. Taste more at: TaosBakes.com. Small batch crafted in beautiful Northern New Mexico.