Spic and Span Professional Bulk Floor and Multi-Surface Concentrate Cleaner with Bleach for Commercial Use, 1 Packet Makes 2.5-3 Gallons, 2.2 oz. (Cas

Spic and Span Floor Cleaner with Bleach is a two-in-one floor and multi purpose cleaner, combining grease-cutting power with chlorine bleach. The concentrated cleaner formula cuts through tough, greasy soils to help save time and labor. It also cleans and whitens mop heads and removes unpleasant odors. This multi surface cleaner is a great cleaning solution for quarry tiles and other unwaxed floors, exhaust filter screens and hoods, cooler ceilings, walls and racks, mop heads, and showers. Spic and Span all purpose cleaner can also be used on outside areas, such as concrete and blacktops, parking spots, dumpster areas, trash containers, and sidewalks. Spic and Span floor cleaner cuts tough grease to help save time and labor Cleans and whitens mop heads and helps remove unpleasant odors Multi surface cleaner is effective on quarry tiles, unwaxed floors, walls, coolers, fryers and outside areas Deodorizing cleaner does not contain phosphates Classified by UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES INC., as to slip resistance only 43R9