Real Salt Salt, Organic, Garlic

Is your salt real? Natural. USDA organic. This salt does not supply iodide, a necessary nutrient. The Real Salt Story: Long ago in what is now Central Utah, Native Americans found a mineral-rich salt deposit from an ancient sea when they saw deer eating the soil. In 1959, Milo and Lamar Bosshardt were struggling to keep their family farm afloat when they discovered that this salt deposit extended beneath their land. They began selling the salt to local farmers for their animals and heard reports the farmers were using the salt to season their own food. People insisted this real salt be made available for everyday use, and the brand was born. Today we still bring Real Salt to you in its natural state - without additives, chemicals, or heat processing of any kind. Real Salt's unique pinkish appearance and flecks of color come from more than 60 naturally occurring trace minerals. The result is a delicate sweet salt flavor that you may not have experienced before. Real Salt means real flavor. Take a taste test! First taste Real Salt, then try any other salt - the difference will amaze you! Real Salt and Organic Garlic Combined! Real Salt's Organic Garlic Salt is a distinctive combination of Real Salt and all-natural organic garlic. Now you can enjoy the great taste of Real Salt together with a hearty garlic flavor you'll love! Real Salt is available in two other organic seasoning salt varieties: Organic Onion Salt and Organic Season Salt. Taste the difference Real Salt's Organic Seasoning Salts make in all your favorite dishes! To find out why Real Salt is essential to health and well-being, visit us at Contains no MSG. Gluten free. 1-800-367-7258 or Quality Assurance International. Certified organic.