Real Avid Accu-Grip Picks & Brushes

Ergonomic gun detailing tools. Tough on crud. Won't scratch guns. Ergonomic triangle handles. 8 picks. 4 brushes. Do it smarter. 12 different implements. For year guns owners have been relying on homemade tools to clean the crud out of the deepest crevices of their firearms. We created a superior line of picks and brushes that gives you complete control when cleaning hard to reach areas, comfortably fits in your hand and most importantly - won't damage your firearm. Put away the toothpicks and duct tape and use tools that were designed for the job. Clean the crap out of your firearms. Hybrid nylon & phosphor bronze brush reduces splaying. Angled phosphor bronze brush for hard to reach spots. Innovative ergonomic triangular handles. Narrow phosphor bronze brush. Rigid engineering resin. Grooves for better grip. Nylon brush. Ergonomic handle makes detailed cleaning easier. 4 different brush heads for thorough cleaning. 8 different cleaning pick shapes for cleaning gunk out of gun parts. Gun DIY: maintain; clean; build; modify; repair. Made in China. Innovated in Minnesota.