Purple Seat Cushion

The double purple. he world's only go anywhere, No pressure seat cushion. Washable cover included. Try me! The ultimate cushioning experience. Purple is the most advanced cushioning material available on Earth. Made from a patented hyper-elastic polymer purple provides comfortable support while eliminating pressure spikes. As pressure increases on the cushion. Purple columns buckle, distributing weight to neighboring columns and virtually eliminating uncomfortable pressure points - even allowing you to sit on an egg without it breaking (although we're not sure why you'd want to). In this box. Double purple our most advanced design for advanced comfort needs. Patented hyper-elastic polymer prevents perssure hot spots. The seat cushion that goes wherever you go. Unsurprassed comfort, support, and breathability. 1-Year Warranty. OnPurple.com. See the video at: www.onpuple.com/egg. Learn more and see our other products at OnPurple.com. Made in the USA.