Purina Tidy Cats Non Clumping Cat Litter; OdorAbsorb Low Tracking Multi Cat Litter - 52 lb. Bag

Give your cats a comfortable place to call their own with Purina Tidy Cats OdorAbsorb Non-Clumping litter. Featuring nonstop odor control, this Tidy Cats non-clumping cat litter helps to keep your home smelling fresh. This absorbent formula helps to keep your feline friends dry, making each cat box in your home a welcoming place for your furry friends. The convenient, maintenance-free composition lets you worry less about cleaning up after your cats, and the simple form allows for easy litter box filling each week. This Tidy Cats litter offers a 99.6% dust-free formula, so it pours cleanly into each litter box and not on your floors. Show your cats how much their happiness and wellbeing means to you when you fill their litter boxes with this Purina Tidy Cats litter variety, and keep your home smelling clean, inviting and ready for unexpected guests. Check litter box maintenance off of your to-do list with Purina Tidy Cats OdorAbsorb Non-Clumping litter. This litter is formulated for multiple cats, making it ideal for your feline family. This low-tracking litter means litter stays in the box and doesn't leave a trail of paw prints on your floors. Enjoy effective odor control every time you fill their boxes, and rest easy knowing thy are getting a litter that keeps them dry and comfortable after every use. The non-clumping composition allows for easy maintenance, and this litter comes packaged in a convenient bag for easy storage in your closet or pantry. For best results, we recommend using a moisture-proof cat box and filling each box with 2 to 3 inches of litter. Remove solids daily, and let your cats dig in to their comfort level by refilling as needed. Your cats are your beloved companions, and you want to make sure they get only the best cat products. That means giving them an effective cat litter that absorbs moisture while controlling odor. Purina Tidy Cats offers a complete line of litter and litter accessories that can do just that. Look to our scented clumping and non-clumping litters to bring a subtle fragrance to your home, and add our Tidy Cats deodorizer for an added layer of defense against odors. Choose our Tidy Cats litter box liners to make changing each box even easier, or get fresh litter delivered to your door with Tidy Cats Direct. Because we know you care about where your cat's products come from, we proudly produce Tidy Cats in the U.S.A. Fill your cat's boxes with Purina Tidy Cats OdorAbsorb Non-Clumping litter, and spend less time worrying about litter box maintenance and more time enjoying the happy memories you create with your favorite felines. Delivers nonstop odor control 99.6% dust-free composition helps provide a clean pour Low tracking formula keeps litter in the box Maintenance-free for up to one week Great absorption to keep your cats comfortable Formulated for multiple cat households Easy-to-use form