Purina Friskies Made in USA Facilities Cat Treats; Party Mix Chicken & Waffle Flavors - 6 oz. Pouch

Shake up your cat's routine with the lip-smacking deliciousness of Purina Friskies Party Mix Chicken & Waffles Flavors Tender & Crunchy cat treats. With flavors worthy of weekend brunch, these cat treats give your feline friend a taste of what she's been missing at the family table. Our recipe pairs real chicken with the flavor of waffles for a dynamic duo that satiates your cat's need for novelty. The bite-sized treats stimulate her senses with pieces that feature a crunchy exterior and tender inside, offering a contrast of textures she can sink her teeth into. Every pouch includes a variety of fun shapes to encourage interaction, whether your cat shows her pleasure by purring, prancing or pouncing. Each piece is under two calories, so you can offer an irresistible snack during treat times and play sessions without feeling guilty about indulging your cat. You cherish your time together. Make the most of the moment and reward her adventurous spirit with the scrumptious taste of these Chicken & Waffles Flavors cat treats. Discover your cat's inner gourmand with Purina Friskies Party Mix Chicken & Waffles Flavors Tender & Crunchy cat treats. We use real chicken in every serving to get the taste of this down-home classic just right, combining chicken and waffle flavors for savory perfection. With pieces that contain the dual texture, the crunchy outside gives way to a tender interior, inviting her to nibble her way through the yummy goodness or devour it right on the spot. The other pieces with the satisfying crunch also helps keep her teeth clean for a daily health benefit that she can look forward to. Variety is the spice of your cat's life. Show her the playful side of flavor with these Chicken & Waffles Flavors cat treats, and introduce her to unique tastes at meals with such recipes as Purina Friskies Cat Concoctions with Chicken in Creamy Crabby Sauce wet cat food. Your cat finds ways to express herself every day, from the games she plays to the foods she favors. Our Friskies recipes are tailored to deliver what cats crave with high-quality ingredients in mouthwatering flavors, providing taste. Purina's commitment to quality and innovation goes back more than ninety years, a reputation we are proud to uphold today with our complete line of wet and dry cat foods and cat treats. We craft every batch of our Friskies Party Mix Tender & Crunchy cat treats at facilities right here in the USA to ensure oversight and safety at every step, so you know you're serving a snack that's worthy of your cat. We know how much your cat cares about taste and how much you care about quality. You get both in every pouch of Purina Friskies Party Mix Chicken & Waffles Flavors Tender & Crunchy cat treats. Go ahead and start the party. With so much flavor packed into every bite, your cat has never experienced a shindig quite like this. Made with real chicken for savory taste With chicken and waffle flavors With pieces that feature a combination of crunchy and tender textures Crunchy texture helps clean teeth Under two calories per treat for guilt-free snacking Appealing shapes and yummy flavors will tempt your cat Great for snacks and play time