Purina DentaLife Made in USA Facilities Small/Medium Dog Dental Chews, Advanced Clean - 15 ct. Pouch

Give your dog an enjoyable way to help keep his teeth clean with Purina DentaLife Advanced Clean Oral Care small/medium adult dog treats. The dense, chewy texture keeps him busy, and his fresh breath and clean teeth are sure to keep you smiling. Sized specifically to suit small- to medium-sized dogs, these tempting chews for adult dogs are easy for him to enjoy. And because they're made with no artificial colors or flavors, they are an ideal part of his oral health routine. With these long-lasting treats' unique, twisted triple-ridge design, they're scientifically tested to reduce tartar buildup on your dog's teeth while also keeping him occupied at the same time. Reward your small/medium dog with a treat that's both tasty and good for helping clean his teeth. For a delicious treat that delivers a powerful deep clean, count on Purina DentaLife. You care about your dog's overall health, and giving him proper oral care is an important part of that. As part of his oral care routine, include Purina DentaLife Advanced Clean Oral Care small/medium adult dog treats. The dense, chewy texture keeps him engaged, making it easy to help keep your dog's teeth clean and his breath fresh. With their triple-ridge shape, these treats are scientifically tested to help reduce tartar buildup. Provide wholesome treats you can feel confident serving to your canine companion, and help give his teeth the powerful deep clean they need. Formulated to last three times longer than DentaLife Daily Oral Care dog treats, these adult dog chews keep his interest as he chews to help keep his teeth clean. Packaged in handy resealable pouches to seal in freshness, these adult dog treats are easy to store. Serve these treats according to the feeding instructions in addition to your dog's complete and balanced diet, and let him know that his health and well-being are your top priorities as his owner. At Purina, we work to ensure that quality is the #1 ingredient in everything we do. We craft these dog treats at Purina facilities in the USA, so you know where his treats are made. Our products undergo checks for quality and safety throughout the production process, giving you added peace of mind every time you reach for a pouch. You can rest assured knowing that the science behind these treats is backed by Purina's more than 90 years of experience committing ourselves to helping make pets' lives better. In addition to regular brushing and veterinary visits, give your dog's smile a boost with a breakthrough dog treat he can nibble away at happily when you offer up Purina DentaLife Advanced Clean Oral Care small/medium adult dog treats. Scientifically tested to reduce tartar buildup Made without artificial colors or flavors 3X longer lasting than DentaLife Daily Oral Care Small/Medium Dog Treats Twisted triple-ridge shape and dense, chewy texture designed to keep your dog chewing long 5-week supply for Small/Medium size dogs between 30 and 75 pounds Packaged in a resealable pouch Checked for quality and safety to provide added peace of mind