Botanical Interests Seeds, Tomato, Pole, Oxheart

Solanum lycopersicum. USDA organic. Warm season. 85 days from transplanting after last chance of spring frost. Indeterminate type. Heirloom: Jump to Italy with this uniquely shaped, sweet, and meaty Italian heirloom! Perfect right off the vine in a caprese salad; cooks to a thick sauce for hearty meals. What a name! Oxheart, also known as cuore di bue (Italian for ox heart) is so named because of its shape. An heirloom variety popular in Italy and France because it is dense with few seeds, cooking down to a robust, thick sauce. It can also be a star sliced fresh atop salad greens or paired with mozzarella and fresh basil leaves. This packet yields approximately 20 plants. We are dedicated to inspiring & educating the gardener in you. That's why we've put even more helpful information inside. More info inside. No GMOs: All our seeds are untreated. Certified organic by the Colorado Dept of Agriculture. Illustrated by Libby Kyer.