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Trigonella foenum-graecum. USDA organic. With a nutty, maple syrup aroma, fenugreek sprouts add an exotic, spicy flavor to salads, sandwiches, and Indian cuisine. One of the oldest cultivated plants, the vitamin and mineral-packed sprouts, plants, and seeds have been enjoyed for millennia. Fenugreek sprouts are not usually found in grocery stores, so by growing them yourself, you can have these delicious, nutritious sprouts whenever you want them. Add them to sandwiches and salads, juice with vegetables, mix into potato salad, or add to sushi, rice, and pasta dishes. Fenugreek seeds are packed with essential vitamins (A, B6, C), minerals (iron and potassium), and various health-promoting phytochemicals. Save some seeds to grow a plant or two and enjoy the young, tender leaves in any way you would use other greens. Sprouts can be grown in a variety of containers. The easiest method is to use the Botanical Interests Seed Sprouter. It provides optimal air circulation and drainage, and has removable tray dividers that allow you to grow up to four different batches of sprouts at once. We are dedicated to inspiring & educating the gardener in you. That's why we've put even more helpful information inside. More info inside. No GMOs. All our seeds are untreated. Certified organic by the Colorado Dept. of Agriculture.