Botanical Interests Seeds, Borage

Borago officinalis. USDA organic. Annual. Full sun. Blooms late spring to summer 2-3 feet tall. Heirloom: Clusters of sparkling blue flowers look like stars falling from the sky. Edible flowers are beautiful on salads or candied atop cakes and pastries. This easy-to-grow, versatile herb is exquisite in the garden. In addition to attracting bees and other beneficial insects, borage has many culinary uses. Edible flowers can be used fresh to garnish dips, salads, and summer drinks, or candied with sugar for later use. The stems and leaves have a cucumber-like flavor that's delicious steamed like spinach or chard. Deer resistant. We are dedicated to inspiring & educating the gardener in you. That's why we've put even more helpful information inside. More info inside. No GMOs. All our seeds are untreated. Certified organic by the Colorado Dept. of Agriculture. Illustrated by Peggy Turchette.