Poppys Bagel Holes, Cinnamon, Stuffed

Cinnamon bagel with brown sugar cream cheese. A better bagel experience. Handcrafted cream cheese. Ready in 40 seconds. Mess free, on the go. What is a cinnamon bagel hole? We at Poppy's use real honey, cinnamon, and brown sugar in our handcrafted cream cheese. This is stuffed inside my Grandpa's secret cinnamon bagel recipe to create a better bagel experience. Made with love. Poppy's Stuffed Bagels Story I got my obsession with bagels from my Grandpa. We would bake them every weekend to share with friends and family. I'm so proud to bring our family recipe to you to share with the ones you love. - Grant Sarvis, Founder. www.poppysstuffedbagels.com. Join the Poppy's family! Are you obsessed with bagels? Follow us on social media! Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. Try all of our flavors. Chive & dill. Plain. Cinnamon. Made in DC.