Edward & Sons Brown Rice Snaps 3.5 oz

Whole grain rice crackers. Made with organic brown rice. Gluten free. Low fat. Low sodium. Baked. Delicious. In 1978 Edward & Sons unveiled the world's first Brown Rice Snaps. Featuring wheat-free whole grain goodness, and oven baked instead of fried, they pioneered a new generation of healthy crackers. Original varieties of Brown Rice Snaps were created in Japan, where we still bake them according to traditional recipes. We have also introduced innovative American varieties of Brown Rice Snaps, such as the one you hold in your hand, which are crafted from an exclusive blend of 85% organic whole grain brown rice and 15% organic white rice. Crisp and delicious, all Brown Rice Snaps are scrumptious straight from the package. Serve them with dips and top them with spreads to complement any event - perfect for elegant entertaining! Organic ingredients: 84%. Certified organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI) USA. Product of USA.