The Real Deal All Natural Snacks Corn Pretzels Original

The Real Deal® Original Corn Pretzels All Natural Snacks®. Gluten free. GF. A crunchy pretzel lightly sprinkled with sea salt. Low sodium. Form our family to yours. Try every one of The Real Deal All Natural Snacks®. There's a delightfully delicious flavor for every member of your family. Versatile Real Deal All Natural Snacks® add a unique, mouth-pleasing crunch to every snacking occasion. Original Snack Mix. Chili Lime Snack Mix. Cheese Crunches. White Corn Tortilla Chips. Blue Corn Tortilla Chips. Real Baked Veggie Chips. Sriracha Veggie Chips. Gluten free corn pretzels The roots of our snack food company go way back to our corriere family farm in the beautiful Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. An old milking barn had been retired - perfect, with its tiled floors and walls to house ovens and kettles. So we went into the snack food business in 1946, licensed with one of the earliest US Department of Agriculture#'s, 711. Back then snacks were hand twisted pretzels, vacuum packed sunflower seeds, potato chips in cans - a different era in snacks. Wanting to introduce new products we were first in the Lehigh Valley with corn chips and tortilla chips, and first to bring Party Mix to market back in the 70's. When we got to thinking about gluten free pretzels it was why not be different in a different way and "think-inside-the-box" - everybody knows that crunch and taste are what a good snack is all about. So our gluten free corn flour pretzel has a bold crunch and a great corn taste. The Real Deal is real good. Bill Corriere, Jr. A delicious crunchy snack. Satisfy your snack cravings with our golden delicious one-of-a-kind corn pretzel. Vegan. Gluten free. Low fat. Kosher. We grow crunch. Some farmers harvest corn. We harvest crunch! With The Real Deal All Natural Snacks® Corn Pretzels you get a new twist on the best nature has to offer. Delicious all-natural snack rings with the crunch of a traditional pretzel plus the golden color and rich flavor of corn. Lightly sprinkled with sea salt, The Real Deal All Natural Snacks® corn pretzels are gluten-free and low in sodium. Perfect for when your snack cravings tell you it's crunch time. Visit us online at