LesserEvil That's A Good Cookie Cookies, Gluten Free, Quinoa Apple Pie

Crafted with quinoa, flax and apples. Fresh baked nutrition. Wholesome foods for mindful eaters. Per 3 Cookie Serving: 1 billion CFU probiotics; 5 g protein; 45 mg sodium; no refined sugar; only 9 g sugar. Powered by digestive & immune health - Ganeden BC 30 probiotic. Non GMO Project verified. Whole Grain: 8 g or more per serving. Eat 48 g or more of whole grains daily. WholeGrainsCouncil.org. Delicious, nutritious and smartly sweetened. When you eat with intention and pay attention. Everything tastes better! This delicious bag of cookies is about mindful eating - reconnecting with the experience of nourishment, enjoying our food and sharing the goodness with others. Say no to GMOs and refined sugar! We always use non-GMO ingredients in our products and we believe in adding high quality sweeteners like barley malt extract and oat syrup to our cookies. Read labels. If you can't recognize an ingredient, there is a good chance your body won't either. We encourage you to eat minimally processed foods. Don't count calories, make calories count. Eating whole grains, nuts, seeds and dried fruit will fuel your body naturally. Our cookies are designed to sustain you with benefits like protein, fiber and essential omega-3 from premium quality nuts and hemp seeds. Life is an endless journey; take good food along for the trip. 645 mg omega-3. Not genetically modified. Good source of fiber, 9 g fat. No artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. Kosher. Get more good and less evil in our 3 cookie serving! (Hashtag)drinktap. (Hashtag)consciouseating. (Hashtag)strongisnewskinny. (Hashtag)happybelly. (Hashtag)peacefulplanet. (Hashtag)eattothrive. (Hashtag)cleaneats. (Hashtag)onelove. (Hashtag)ohmycookie. (Hashtag)fitspiration. (Hashtag)cookietime. (Hashtag)yummy. (Hashtag)enjoylifeitsdelicious. (Hashtag)weareallconnected. (Hashtag)wellnesswarrior. (Hashtag)probioticsrock. (Hashtag)saynotogmo. (Hashtag)choosewaterovermeat. (Hashtag)dropandgivemezen. (Hashtag)sayyestocookies. (Hashtag)moregoodlessevil. (Hashtag)movenourishbelieve. (Hashtag)namaste. (Hashtag)eatrealfood. (Hashtag)wearestarstuff. (Hashtag)bakelovenotwar. (Hashtag)nowage. (Hashtag)buddhaful. Facebook: facebook.com/LesserEvilSnacks. Twitter: (at)lesserevilsnack. Lesserevil.com.