The Real Deal Snack Mix Chili Lime

The Real Deal Chili Lime Snack Mix. The Real Deal All Natural Snacks™. A savory blend of crunchy snacks with a zesty chili lime twist. All natural. Surprise party: At a casual gathering on Cape Cod, Bill Corriere, Sr. and friends enjoyed good food, great company and the ocean breeze. That was, until the snacks ran out. Reluctant to bring the party to an end, they gathered what crunchy munchies remained and poured it all into a big bowl. Surprise - the first party mix was created. The magic of that evening lives on. And now, The Real Deal™ chili lime snack mix brings a new zest to the party. All in a bag specifically designed to deliver this unique mix at the peak of flavor. The Real Deal™ is Real Good. Bill Corriere Jr. Guarantee fresh until printed date on the bag or the snack is on us. Visit us online at Mixed company. We've combined the best all-natural ingredients to create a healthful, delicious, good- for- you snack that you can feel good about. All natural. Kosher.