YumButter Almond Butter, Superfood

+ chia + hemp seeds + goji. World changing nut butters. 7 g protein per serving. No GMOs. 6 servings. Gluten free. Help nourish a child in need! You buy one, we nourish one, together, we build a better (world). Certified B corporation. Learn more at yumbutter.com. Much love, Matt & Adrian. Carbon free. Go-anywhere pouch! Take me with you to work, school, travel, or any other place for deliciously-healthy snacking. Supercharge your snacks. Squeeze some mouth-rockin' goodness on. Vegan. This pouch is not recyclable. We're sorry. Working on it. Contains 330 mg of omega-3 fatty acids per serving. www.Yumbutter.com. May the yum be with you.