Al Dente Linguine, Bona Chia

Family owned since 1981. Made with chia, an amazing ancient grain. Vegan. All natural. Good source of fiber. 146 mg ALA omega-3 per serving. Cooks in 3 minutes. Artisanal pasta. Putting a modern twist on an old-world tradition has been our specialty since 1981. BonaChia is our exciting new vegan pasta. First, we blend chia - an ancient grain and superfood - with fine American durum wheat. Next, we roll the dough over and over again. After drying slowly overnight, the pasta is hand-packaged into our iconic clear bags. The result? A nutritional powerhouse that tastes just like homemade and cooks in 3 minutes! Enjoy, Monique. Gifts, recipes and fun at Made in USA.