Mother India Organics Aloo Matar, Med. Spicy

Potatoes with green peas in a tomato & onion curry. Fully cooked - just heat & serve! USDA organic. Ready in minutes! Ingredients by Suminter India Organics. Want to prepare a delicious authentic Indian meal but don't have time? Let your mother do the cooking - Mother India! We offer you certified organic traditional Indian food in quick, easy to serve form - a hard to beat combination! This exceptionally flavorful ready-to-eat meal is as good as homemade in just a few minutes! No cooking required, just heat, eat, and enjoy. Great for home, office, dorm, camping, or RV-ing. Mother India Organic Aloo Matar, a North Indian staple, is made with potatoes and tender green peas cooked in a deliciously rich curry of onions, tomatoes, and fragrant spices. North India is known for its dazzling array of vegetarian dishes, including curries characterized by thick, smooth, moderately spicy gravies. Garnished with chopped coriander leaves, this wholesome dish was enjoyed by kings and commoners alike. It makes an excellent side dish or main course with rice or Indian breads. Mother India Organic Aloo Matar offers you the authentic taste of North India at your own table in minutes. No cholesterol. Good source of dietary fiber. Good source of protein. Good source of calcium. Mother India sources all of the organic ingredients for its traditional entrees from Suminter India Organics, one of the leading producers and manufacturers of organic products in India. Suminter uses the good agriculture practices [GAP] to train and build the capacity of marginalized farmers across India to become 100% organic and GMO free. Currently, Suminter is working with 20,000 farmers in 9 states across 100,000 acres of certified land. By purchasing this product, you are doing more than expressing a demand for a healthy lifestyle- you are also making a true commitment to causing lasting transformations to vulnerable farmer groups across India. To learn more, go to Certified organic by Quality Assurance International. Vegan. Product of India.