World Centric Trash Bags, 3 Gallon

17 inch x 17.7 inch (0.6 ml). Certified compostable. For a better world. We turn into soil, not waste. We are certified compostable and will turn into soil within 3-6 months in a commercial composting system (appropriate facilities may not exist in your area. Please check with local officials) and 12 months in a home composting system (Home composting times may vary based temperature, moisture, turnover etc.). By using and composting us, you are reducing plastic pollution and taking action to make a difference. For more information visit 0 carbon footprint (our offsets support socio-economic development but are not verified). We donate 25% of profits. Meets ASTM 6400 and EN 13432 standards for compostability. BPI: Compostable in industrial facilities. Home compostable. Home: Ok compost. Vincotte. Certified B Corporation. 1% for the planet. World Centric makes being green easy. Our family of everyday household products are durable and fully compostable. Plates. Bowls. Cups. Utensils. Trash bags. This box is made from 100% post consumer recycled paperboard. Made in China.