Dapple Baby Laundry Detergent, Fragrance Free

Now 50 loads. HE: Formulated for high efficiency & standard machines. Fragrance free. Removes up to 50% more stains (Visit dapplebaby.com for information) including formula, poop & spit up. Baby friendly. Powered by plants. Non-toxic. Pediatrician & dermatologist tested. Hypo-allergenic. Our 3x laundry detergent works better on the stains babies make most: pop, spit-up and formula (Visit dapplebaby.com for information). Yet it's gentle enough for babies with sensitive skin. For Spotless Clean: Onesies; Blankies; Cloth diapers; Adult clothes. Formulated without: Parebens; Sulfates; Phthalates; Mineral oil; Chlorine bleach synthetic dyes & fragrances; SLS; MEA; DEA; TEA. Best on formula, poop & spit up. dapplebaby.com. Clean Label Product: Purity Award. Dapple products have received the top award for purity from the Clean Label Project. www.cleanlabelproject.com. Not tested on animals. Please recycle.