La Baleine Grey Sea Salt Fine

From guerande. This salt does not supply iodide a necessary nutrient. Harvested by hand. This La Baleine grey fine sea salt from Guerande is an unrefined, all natural sea salt harvested by hand according to ancient ancestral methods. Harvested in bio-diverse, eco-friendly environments, crystallized naturally by the sun and sea breezes, it's a traditional additive-free sal in accordance with PGI specification. No additives, sustainable, certified full traceability of origin. You can use La Baleine grey fine sea salt instead of your table salt for any cooking or baking recipe. Thanks to its natural crystals, this additive-free grey sea salt enhances the flavor of any dish. Protected Geographical Indication. This salt is natural without any chemical additives. It may sometimes clump which does not affect its quality. If this occurs, simply shake the container for the salt to flow freely again. Product of France.