Spectrum Olive Oil Spray, White Truffle Flavored

Extra virgin. New! Family farmed since 1945. No propellant. Spray directly on food. Safe to spray directly on food or in saute pan. Upon the sun-drenched hills on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, our olives are grown on a 4th generation family-owned farm. Since 1945, this family grows the highest quality olives by harvesting at the peak of flavor using traditional methods. We visit the groves to taste each harvest to ensure that Spectrum Olive Oil has an exceptional taste and aroma that will enhance your favorite dishes. The white truffle is the most sought after variety, with its delicate flavor and aroma of earthy mushrooms. It's the perfect flavor complement to our extra virgin olive oil. www.spectrumorganics.com. Non-GMO oils are used. No propellants - uses air pressure to spray oil. Oil product of Spain.