Napa Valley Naturals Olive Oil, Extra Virgin, Private Reserve

From California's Upper Sacramento Valley. 100% unfiltered. First cold pressing. Acidity at bottling 0.5% or less. Cold pressed at temperatures below 98.5 degrees. Kosher. The olive tree is surely the richest gift of heaven. - Thomas Jefferson. From soil to soul. At Napa Valley Naturals, each year our Reserve Olive Oil is pressed from olives grown on some of the finest orchards in California. The olives picked for this oil are pressed using new-world technologies based on old-world traditions. Fresh ranch-grown Arbequina and Arbosana olives are pressed for their apple fresh flavor and tart lemony edge. For increased complexity we blend in such other varietals as Mission olives, named after the California missions where they were first introduced by the Franciscan Padres, who constructed the first olive press and harvested the first olive trees in the New World in the early 1800's. The result is a delicious buttery oil with aromatic hints of apple and green banana. We think that this oil rivals the world's finest offerings. I think you will, too. Lot 20 reserve was pressed this winter in limited quantities. Get it before it's gone. - Kendall Cook, Proprietor. A percentage of our profits go to organizations that support environmental preservation, sustainable agricultural practices, hunger prevention, and community based health initiatives. Glass recycles. Packed in California. Product of the USA. Bottled in the USA.