Guittard Chocolate Chips, Extra Semisweet, Akoma, 55% Cacao

Collection Etienne: Artisan made chocolate. Est. 1868. San Francisco. Fair Trade Certified: Cocoa. 99% fair trade certified ingredients. All natural. Non-GMO (We do not use ingredients that are genetically engineered). Peanut free. Gluten free. This bag contains 2 cups. For more recipes and baking tips, visit Real vanilla. Akoma means heart in the traditional Adinkra symbols of West Africa, where the Fair Trade Certified cocoa beans for this chocolate are grown. At 55% cacao, these Akoma Extra Semisweet Chocolate Chips deliver a rich, deep chocolate flavor that's perfect for your favorite recipe. - Gary Guittard. San Francisco's secret since 1868. Made in a peanut & gluten free facility.