Olay Golden Aura Creamy Foam Facial Cleanser, 4.4 oz.

Sold exclusively online for skin care insiders like you, Olay Golden Aura Creamy Foam Facial Cleanser leaves skin feeling refreshed and hydrated every time you cleanse. This trending face cleanser in Asia features the latest skin care innovation from Olay: Golden Yeast Peptide. Thanks to a multi-decade clinical study, Olay discovered that skin loses its ability to repair itself as we age. Golden yeast extract with 100+ peptides boosts skin’s natural ability to regenerate. Simply wet face, lather a dime-sized amount in hands, cleanse face and neck and rinse. There’s no residue left behind, only hydrated skin that’s prepped to absorb 2X more of your moisturizer. FACIAL CLEANSER: Leaves cleansed skin hydrated for a refreshing reset before a busy day or restful night FOAMING FACE WASH: This rich, foaming, “cloud-nine-like” formula features soothing hints of lotus GOLDEN YEAST PEPTIDE: Like a super food for skin, it combines golden yeast extract & 100+ peptides to replenish collagen, increase elasticity & make skin strong & fearless FACE WASH, AM & PM: To cleanse skin for a beautiful canvas, wet your face, lather a dime-sized amount in your hands, then cleanse the face & neck STRENGTHEN & HYDRATE: Cleanse away today and make skin more resilient for tomorrow TAKE HOME GOLD: This trending cleanser in Asia is the only Olay cleanser with golden yeast extract — the exclusive new ingredient that reverses signs of aging