Nuun Hydration Podium Series Endurance, Lemon Lime

Performance hydration drink mix. Naturally flavored. Certified Gluten-Free. Vegan. Non GMO Project verified. Contains 16 servings. Scoop it up. Drink it down. Work it out! Make every mile count with clean carbohydrates and complete electrolytes. Go longer, stronger. When you go fast, your gut goes slow. Keep that up for 90+ minutes and you body's hydration-needs change. It needs help absorbing water and that's where carbs enter scene. Formulated with leading Nutrition Scientist, Dr. Stacy Slims, Nuun Endurance combines complete electrolytes and the cleanest ingredients in an ideal ratio of carbs to water. Optimal absorption for optimal workout performance! Informed: We test. You trust. Sport banned substance tested every batch.