Numi Organic Tea, Purpose, Medium Caffeine, Bags

Premium organic teas & herbs. Real fruits, flowers & spices. No natural flavors or fragrances. Purpose: Energizing yerba mate & creamy cacao dance with vital maca. Embracing holistic well-being. Herbal teasan/medium caffeine. 24% fair trade certified ingredient. This product is gluten-free. Certified Organic by QAI. USDA Organic. Together for h2ope. Non GMO Project verified. Partner carbon free. Certified B corporation. Together for H2ope: Your purchase helps us support together for h2ope. A non-profit initiative that provides clean drinking water to our farming communities around the world. Fair trade certified ingredients. Energy flow is crucial to maintain good health. Boosting our energy naturally through exercise, positive thinking, and meditation, lifts our mood while decreasing stress and improving sleep. Being engaged mentally, physically, and spiritually motivates us and gives us a sense of purpose. Purpose Practice (10 minutes daily): Find a quiet space and time to sit in ease. Relax your body, gently close your eyes and slow your breathing, paying attention to the rise and fall of your belly as you inhale and exhale. With each breath, bring your awareness to your toes, feet, up your legs into your abdomen, chest, and through your head. Feel your feet firmly planted on the ground, your shoulders rolled back, and your head at the highest peak. Feel fully connected before you open your eyes and start your day. Yerba Mate: Is a species of the holly plant traditionally sipped from a hollowed calabash gourd in Central and South America. it has an earthy favor and is used by native communities to improve mood and increase energy. it has naturally occurring stimulants and other compounds which can invigorate without jittery side-effects. Maca: is a member of the cruciferous family, like broccoli and cabbage, and is considered one of the world's natural super foods. Maca grows high in the mountains of Peru, has a light nutty flavor, and is believed to have a positive effect on energy levels. Purpose: A vibrant infusion of delectable ingredients energizes this blend. Smooth, rich cacao envelops smoky, earthy yerba mate while rooibos adds vanilla creaminess and ginger a piquant zing. Dashes of coriander, cardamom and black pepper spark up a spicy finish. It will wake you up, pick you up, and bring purpose to your day. Eco-responsibility Audit Through Thoughtful Choices, Numi Annually Conserves: 9,037 trees; 581,216 lbs of landfill; 4, 787 mil (000) btu energy; 4,052,564 gallons water; 817, 335 net greenhouse emissions. Environmental impact estimates were made using the environmental paper network calculator. For more information visit: info(at) Printed with soy ink. Please be thoughtful and recycle!