NestFresh Eggs, Omega-3, Large

Always 100% cage free. Omega-3. CA SEFS compliant. No antibiotics. No chemicals. No hormones (All eggs are produced without the use of hormones). For more information visit Mainland. Grade A. Certified cage free (This logo guarantees that these eggs have been audited by a third party auditor to ensure that our hens are 100% cage free, and are never treated with antibiotics, receive 100% vegetarian feed, have plenty of room to spread their wings, and are able to engage in natural behaviors. Please see our website,, for more information about our third party auditors). Omega-3: 225 mg. See nutrition facts for cholesterol content. 100% vegetarian diet. Made from 100% recycled fibers. For kosher questions, see 225 mg of omega-3. Healthy and humanely produced, NestFresh Omega-3 eggs give you the nutritious, wholesome taste you expect in an egg plus 225 mg omega-3 (vs. only 18 mg in regular eggs) and seven times more vitamin E than regular eggs. Omega-3 is an essential nutrient that our bodies don't produce, so it must come from the foods you eat. Omega-3 protects against heart disease and promotes healthy brain and eye development. You can be confident that NestFresh is good for the chickens, too! All NestFresh Eggs come from cage free hens that eat a vegetarian diet and never come into contact with chemicals, hormones or antibiotics. Happy hens and healthy humans, always!