Monograno Felicetti Spaghetti, Kamut Khorasan

100% organic pasta. USDA Organic., Certified Organic by CCPB Srl. Ancient wheat variety., Mountain air of the Dolomites, fresh spring water, pure cereal semolina and the understanding of the art of pasta-making since 1908 are the four elements that make Monograno Felicetti pasta a true expression of our passion. Those who cook and taste our Monograno pasta range truly understand that we aim to place our products on the palates of those who appreciate the finest quality. This Khorasan-type durum wheat originated in the Middle East thousands of years ago and is the ancestor of our modern grain. Kamut is a high energy wheat that is easier to digest than other grains. Our master pasta makers turn this precious grain into a premium pasta. During cooking, it releases scents of white flowers and freshly peeled fruit. Its flavor is a combination of pine and macadamia nuts with hints of edible flowers. Recyclable. Made in Italy.