Miracle Noodles Bone Broth Chicken Noodle Soup 7.6 oz

35 calories per serving. 5 g protein per serving. Keto & paleo. Chicken bone broth with shirataki Miracle Noodle is blood sugar friendly, keto/paleo friendly and a good source of protein and fiber. See nutrition information for sodium content. Plant based noodles. Powered by Lono Life bone broth. Ready in minutes. The ultimate comfort food! Crafted from hearty roasted bones, vegetables and a family-secret blend of herbs, when you add Miracle Noodle, you have the perfect combination of nourishing bone broth and comforting grain free shirataki noodles made from the konjac plant. A meal that warms your heart and soul. Our Mission: Enjoy your favorite foods reimagined! At Miracle noodle, we recognize the power of one's food choices and how eating well contributes to overall health. That's why we created a line of healthy plant based noodles, rice, and ready to eat meals that offer delicious, satisfying meal options without guilt or compromise. miraclenoodle.com. Facebook. Instagram. Facebook.com/miraclenoodle. Free cookbook and diet plan for download at miraclenoodle.com. Proud supporters of KIVA - see our impact at goo.gl/NhPjq2. Concern Foundation: Funding research - conquering cancer. Proud supporter of the Concern Foundation and their fight against cancer. Noodles product of China/ bone broth made in USA.