Milkadamia® Unsweetened Vanilla Macadamia Milk 0.5 gal. Carton

Dairy free. Lactose free. Soy free. Gluten free. Vegan. Delicious Free of: Dairy; soy; GMOs; gluten. 50% more calcium than milk (Compared to 1% dairy milk). Excellent source of vitamin D & B12. Cholesterol free. Carrageenan free. Non GMO Project verified. Made from raw, not roasted nuts. Free-range trees. Nourished by nature. Moo is moot. Vanilla unplugged. We make milkadamia with care and flair, from raw, never roasted, nuts. These macadamias are picked from free-range trees (tree supporting life, not trees on life support) watered solely by natural rainfall - part of the secret to milkadamia's easy, smooth taste. We're for Trees: On approach, our orchard appears as a sun-warmed canopy of vivid living-green. Once among the avenues of living colonnades that breathe out the sky. nature's more deliberate rhythms and less frenetic pace abides. Yet, down-under beneath the trees, trillions of tiny lives are performing an intricate dance upon which all living things ultimately depend These regenerative microorganisms create new healthy soil, so all our groundwork is left to them. We're for Soil, too: We know it is not done to mention soil. let alone swarming microorganisms, on food packs But we believe it is timely to introduce this silent engine of life into discussions on food choices. These microorganisms draw and store massive amounts of carbon from the air. Only in healthy undisturbed soil (like orchards) do they flourish in the astonishing numbers that have the potential to slow, and even reverse. the buildup of carbon in the sky. Makes one feel good ail under with milkadamia. Produced in a facility that employs strict allergen control programs. (hashtag)how2milkadamia. Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. For more information, visit: Please recycle.