Love the Wild Stripped Base with Roasted Red Pepper Almond Sauce

Love the Wild™ Stripped Base with Roasted Red Pepper Almond Sauce. 6 oz. Fillet. Ready in 20-25 min. Medium-firm, nutty fish with a Spanish comfort sauce of tomato, roasted red peppers, almonds, fresh parsley, olive oil and a dash of lemon. Fresher than fresh. Sustainable & traceable. No antibiotics. No dyes, hormones PCBS, STTP. Never thawed or refrozen. Net Wt. 7.2 oz (204 g). What is love: Through our commitment to human health, environmental health, and good food, we're on a mission to make sure our beautiful oceans and streams - and the fish that call them home - stick around. Forever. Wild about fish: Fish is the perfect protein. It's lean and a great source of omega-3s, and is gentler on the planet that farming poultry or beef. Wild about you: Enjoy authentic, regional recipes + tender, juicy fish. Our sauces are made from scratch in our kitchen using authentic, regional recipes and natural ingredients. You cook the fish using a traditional french technique called 'en papillote' which steams it to keep it tender and juicy. Ever wonder why we leave the skin on some of our fish It's one of many ways we use to confirm the spices. We guarantee you're getting the right type of fish and not a substitute. We striped bass: Our Striped Bass is a premium white fish high in omega-3 fatty acids and prized for its sweet, mild flavor and firm texture. Known in the wild as rock fish or stripers, they are large fish with black stripes running along their silvery metallic sides. Our fish are true, open-ocean farm raised Striped Bass, not to be confused with the hybrid species currently farmed in fresh water ponds and lakes, giving them the distinctive flavor of a wild fish without the high levels of mercury or PCBs. Learn more at