Kidfresh Waffles, Chocolate Chip

Classic golden waffles made with real blueberries. No artificial flavors or colors. 8 g protein per serving. 5 g whole grain per serving. 8 vitamins & minerals. 30% less sugar (Sugar content reduced from 6 g to 4 g per serving compared to the leading brand of frozen blueberry waffles). Good source of fiber (Contains 5 g total fat per serving. See nutrition information for fat content). Good source of calcium. Made with real chocolate chips. Hidden veggies. A Fresh Take on Foods Kids Love: We get it! We all have our favorite foods - we'd eat them every day if we could. As parents who believe our families deserve the best, we created a version of kid classics that are as mouth-watering good as they are good for us all. How? By choosing the best ingredients for every recipe. Now that's what you call real mealtime goodness. Chocolate Chip Waffles: Made with yummy ingredients. Eggs. Real chocolate chips. Pureed butternut squash. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Instagram. BPA free packaging. Please recycle.