Honest Yerba Mate Strawberry Pomegranate Matcha Can, 15.5 fl oz

Honest Yerba Mate Strawberry Pomegranate Matcha provides an uplifting and delicious experience, with caffeine content similar to a cup coffee, with 80 mg of caffeine per can, and is “Just a Tad Sweet”. This traditional South American herbal infusion is brewed from real organic Fair Trade certified yerba mate leaves from southern Brazil. Blended with a splash of organic strawberry and pomegranate fruit juices and a touch of matcha. Ceremonially passed around and shared by close friends, we invite you to appreciate what the indigenous Guarani and Quechua people have long enjoyed. Honest seeks to create and promote sustainable, great-tasting beverages with honesty and integrity, which means telling you exactly what’s in every tea bottle from the get-go. ​ From the very beginning, Honest was about something as simple as quenching thirst while being “Just a Tad Sweet.” And while our mission has become about more than just refreshment, we strive to fulfill that original promise with the same care and quality as we did back then. ​ So, when you choose Honest, you choose a drink that makes a difference. Picking up a bottle means promoting wellness, and a commitment to making sure better options are available to all. Honest strives to deliver on this and its other missions—like democratizing organic ingredients—just like it delivers on high-quality teas. ​ You’ll even find USDA Organic and Fair-Trade Certified ingredients in each of our beverages, giving you the refreshment you're looking for with every sip. ​ We make our drinks the way you expect from a brand named Honest—organically. Whether you’re looking for the robust variety of our Honest Teas, the refreshing tartness of our Honest Lemonades, or our fun and flavorful Honest Kids juice drinks. Honest has something for the whole family to enjoy.  ​ Refreshingly yours, ​ The Honest Tea-m