Honest To Dog Made in USA Facilities, Limited Ingredient, Grain Free, Natural Dog Treats; Chicken - 16 oz. Pouch

Invite your dog to treat time each day with Honest to Dog Crispy Cuts Chicken Recipe Accented With Apples dog treats. This recipe features chicken as the first of only a few simple ingredients, so you know he's getting a high-quality, natural treat with a crunchy texture. Accents of apples round out these delicious dog treats, while the protein-rich formula offers a pleasing addition to his daily diet. Celebrate all the little things that make your dog so unique, and make those special little moments you share even better. He gets your companionship along with a natural treat he can truly enjoy. These tasty dog treats are produced in USA facilities and come in a convenient pouch that you can take along on jogs or whenever you hang out together at the dog park. Honest to Dog treats are grain free, giving you one more reason to make them his go-to treat option. Give back some of the love your dog gives to you each and every day with Honest to Dog Crispy Cuts Chicken Recipe Accented With Apples dog treats. A crispy texture delivers a unique treating experience, while the simple, natural ingredients offer a way to recognize your dog’s friendship without giving him unnecessary ingredients you don't want in his diet. The mouthwatering taste keeps him coming back for more, and accents of apples in every bite provide something you can both appreciate. This delicious Honest to Dog treat recipe comes packaged in a resealable pouch, helping keep the snacks fresh and making it easy to always keep a treat ready for whenever your furry friend lets you know he's ready to spend time with you. Offer this recipe every day, or make things even more interesting by switching between it and one of the other Purina dog treat recipes. Honest to Dog Tasty Tenders offer a semi-moist, meaty taste and texture sure to tempt your dog’s taste buds, while our Crispy Bites add a hint of extra crunch to treat time. The time you spend together is precious, and you want to make the most of every moment you share with your faithful friend. That's the inspiration behind Honest to Dog. Each recipe is grain free and made with limited ingredients, so every treat is both delicious and satisfying. Always tasty and never disappointing, Honest to Dog makes it easy for pet parents to show their cuddly canines a bit of extra affection. Always crafted with a focus on quality, these dog treats are produced in USA facilities to give you added reassurance. When it comes to treat time, give your dog the taste he loves and the natural goodness he deserves with Honest to Dog Crispy Cuts Chicken Recipe Accented With Apples dog treats. Natural dog treats Grain-free recipe Limited ingredients Real chicken is the first ingredient Protein-rich treats with a crispy and crunchy texture Delicious taste dogs love Packaged in a convenient pouch