Honest To Dog Made in USA Facilities, Limited Ingredient, Grain Free Dog Treats, Turkey & Chicken Recipe - 30 oz. Pouch

Summon your dog's senses when you tear open a pouch of Honest to Dog Tasty Tenders Turkey & Chicken Recipe dog treats. These tempting dog treats feature real turkey as the first ingredient, bringing together the goodness you want for your dog and the taste he loves in one mouthwatering treat. Each natural dog treat offers a grain-free treat option your dog can savor with every nibble, and the limited ingredients let you know he's getting a delicious recipe. Chicken and turkey combine as a part of a truly unique recipe, and the semi-moist texture is ideal for chewing. These dog treats offer a perfect choice for between-meal treating or for sharing a few extra moments with him before you head off to work each day. Make cuddle time sessions with your sweet dog even more special when you hand him one of these delectable Honest to Dog Tasty Tenders treats, and let him know just how important he is to you. Reward your dog for his loyalty and companionship with Honest to Dog Tasty Tenders Turkey & Chicken Recipe dog treats. This recipe is inspired by the special, loving relationship you have with him, and it gives you a delicious way to make him feel truly appreciated. Real turkey, chicken and a limited list of ingredients deliver more of the good stuff you want for your dog in a tiny, tasty package. With a rich aroma, tempting taste and intriguing appearance, these dog treats are sure to capture his attention every time you reach for a pouch. He gets the goodness you want for him in a protein-rich recipe that feeds his desire for meaty flavor. These dog treats are packaged in a convenient resealable pouch, making it easy to store them in your pantry or take them with you on long walks to the doggy park and beyond. Get him barking with excitement by letting him try all of the Honest to Dog treat varieties, and let him choose between tender and crispy textures to make treat time even more enjoyable. Pet parents are always looking for ways to connect with their dogs, and Honest to Dog helps you do just that. Each recipe contains real meat as the first ingredient along with grain-free formulas you can feel confident serving to your cuddly friend. Purina strives to make tasty treats that never disappoint using ingredients dogs adore. Always crafted with a focus on quality, these dog treats are produced in USA facilities to give you added reassurance. It's all part of Purina’s commitment to creating quality dog treats that are safe, delicious and nourishing. Purina’s products are backed by more than 90 years of innovation, and that experience goes to work in every Honest to Dog recipe produced. Bring your dog a tasty bite of happiness when you give him Honest to Dog Tasty Tenders Turkey & Chicken Recipe dog treats. Natural dog treats Grain-free recipe Limited ingredients Real turkey is the first ingredient Protein-rich treats with tender, meaty texture Delicious taste dogs love Packaged in a convenient pouch