FUD® Queso Panela Mexican Style Part Skim Milk Cheese 4 lb. Pack

Nothing brings people together or makes a meal memorable more than good food. Whether you’re cooking just for yourself or for your spouse and kids, your parents and siblings, or your extended family and friends, you can count on FUD to make your selections sizzle. FUD offers a wide variety of high-quality products featuring traditional flavors and premium ingredients. With FUD Queso Panela Mexican Style Part Skim Milk Cheese, you can whip up delectable dishes for any occasion with ease. Cut it into cubes and use it to top couscous, grilled vegetables, pasta, rice, salads and soups. Slice it, bake it or grill it, and top it with salsa and pico de gallo for a tasty appetizer. Try it sandwiches or stuffed in avocados, bell peppers, pitas and more. However you choose to use FUD Queso Panela Cheese in the kitchen, it is sure to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and make every meal magnifico! Bring home a pack today and keep your refrigerator well stocked for all of the fiestas to come. 4 lb. block of premium-quality panela cheese Comes in a large pack, great for making big meals and keeping on hand for use in a wide variety of mealtime favorites from baked cheese and quesadillas to guacamole and nopal salad Ready to cube or slice for added convenience in the kitchen Features a fresh, salty flavor and a smooth, soft texture, providing the ideal complement to bolder-tasting foods Tastes great, softens with ease and adds an authentic touch to traditional dishes Adds more calcium to any meal, contains 0g trans fat and is gluten free Helps transform any meal from the ordinary to the extraordinary