Alexia Riced Garden Vegetable Pilaf with Sea Salt, Frozen Side, 12 OZ

Enjoy a delicious vegetable side with Alexia Riced Vegetable Pilaf with Sea Salt. Crisp cauliflower and sweet butternut squash combine in an expertly seasoned frozen side with a touch of fragrant thyme and sea salt. A perfect substitute for traditional rice pilaf, this frozen cauliflower pilaf is keto friendly with 1 gram of protein, 3 grams of net carbs (5g total carbs minus 2g dietary fiber), and 0 grams added sugar per serving. Whip up riced cauliflower as colorful and flavorful frozen sides for all of your favorites, including steaks, chops and burgers. It's easy to heat in the microwave in 6 minutes or on the stovetop in 11 minutes; let stand for 1 minute. Keep this 12 ounce frozen vegetable dish in the freezer until ready to prepare. At Alexia we put quality and taste first, always.