Julies Organic Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert, Coconut Milk, Passion Paradise

Limited edition reserve. Premium organic. A favored reserve offering. Non-dairy. USDA organic. Organic Indulgence: At Julie's Organic, the tradition continues - offering innovative products that are good for the whole family. We're pleased to introduce this first-of-its-kind family size coconut frozen dessert. It's made with delicious organic coconut milk and naturally sweetened to perfection. All the goodness of nature's bounty blended with the finest organic ingredients produce this simple yet elegant frozen treat. Dairy free with prebiotic natural dietary fiber makes Julie's Organic truly the finest coconut dessert. Julie's Organic means pure desserts virtually free of pesticides, chemical additives, or genetically engineered ingredients. Certified organic by Organic Certifiers. www.juliesorganic.com. Comments: 1-800-282-2202 Ext 30. At Julie's, we're pleased to offer this Signature Dessert - Organic Coconut Passion Paradise. One of our favorites reserved just for you - Julie. Passion Paradise Flavor Notes: Complementary opposites blend passion fruit, orange & pineapple sorbet with creamy vanilla coconut milk - tangy refreshment. Follow us on Facebook; Twitter. Product of USA.