Glutino® Gluten Free Multigrain Bread 14.1 oz. Bag

In the 30 years that Glutino's been doing gluten free, we've learned a thing or two. We've learned the value of your trust. Your trust is the driving force behind our single-minded determination to keep every one of our products gluten free. We've learned to cook with our ears open, always listening to your ideas and suggestions. And we've discovered along the way, that you are our most important gluten free ingredient. Thank you! You're gluten free.We're gluten free.We have so much to talk about. Did you know?Celiac disease can be a family affair. It is usually found in multiple family members and can affect any gender and any age group. A little more adventurous. A bit more substantial, a nudge more adventurous.This is the bread that lets your sandwiches show off and steal the show. A single slice can set the stage for a standing ovation for your favorite culinary creation, from the simple to the sublime. Let this tasty toast bring out your best! Whole-Grain Pleasure