Dapple Baby Bottle & Dish Soap Refilll, Sweet Lavender

Removes up to 50% more milk film & odor than leading brands (Visit dapplebaby.com for information). Baby friendly. Powered by plants. Non-toxic. Pediatrician & dermatologist tested. Hypo-allergenic. Our plant-based bottle & dish soap is effective it removes up to 50% more milk film & odor than other leading brands! (Visit dapplebaby.com for information). For Super Clean Everything: Bottles; Sippy cups; Utensils; Pacifiers; Breast pump components; Whole family's dishes. Formulated without: Parebens; Sulfates; Phthalates; Mineral oil; Chlorine bleach synthetic dyes & fragrances; SLS; MEA; DEA; TEA. dapplebaby.com. Best in Class: Tested certified Clean Label Products: Our top green scientists have developed plant-based solutions that pack a punch - these powerful formulas have even received a Best in Class rating from the Clean Label Project that test for product purity! Look for Dapple dishwasher packs, laundry detergent, All purpose cleaners and personal care items. Not tested on animals.