Lifeway® ProBugs™ Orange Creamy Crawler™ Organic Whole Milk Kefir Cultured Milk Smoothie 4-4 fl. oz. Box

Since crafting the first batches of our Lifeway Kefir in 1986, we've been dedicated to producing the best probiotic products for the entire family. Today, we're proud to share the joys of good health with your family.—The Smolyansky Family Introducing...Peter ProBugEver hear of Peter ProBug? He's a good bacteria bug and his idea of fun is hanging out in your belly. What does he do down there? Well, since there's no TV, he watches for any bad bugs. When he sees them, he asks them to leave (using his "inside voice") so they can't bug you anymore. And your belly stays clean and healthy. Cool, huh? No-Mess Spout Easy Grip Shape for Little Hands Probiotic SnackMade Just for Kids!