Lifeway Kefir Cultured Milk Smoothie, Lowfat, Pomegranate

Probiotic. Real. Rich in calcium. Naturally cultured. With other natural flavors. 0% trans fat. 10 live & active cultures. Farmer pledged (Our Farmers' Pledge: Milk from cows not treated with rBST/rBGH. No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBST/rBGH treated and non-rBST/rBGH treated cows). No artificial sweeteners. Grade A. Published research has shown the healthy probiotic cultures found in Lifeway Kefir may: enhance the immune system; balance digestive health. Enhance & balance with Lifeway Kefir. Kefir History: Kefir is the cousin of yogurt and its roots can trace back more than 2000 years. Originating in the Caucasus Mountains of Europe where people live well past 100 years, the word kefir is thought to have been derived from the Turkish word Keif for good feeling, probably due to the sense of well-being after drinking it. No matter who you are or how busy your life, Lifeway Lowfat Kefir provides you with the best low-fat nutrition in one delicious beverage. With Lifeway's Exclusive 10 Live and Active Kefir Cultures, high protein, and high calcium, there is nothing better for your health. As you'll soon see, all our products are delicious. So from our family to yours, enjoy! Sincerely, The Smolyansky Family. P.S. Traded on NASDAQ: LWAY. Made with renewable energy. This product is made with 100% certified renewable energy. Gluten free. Contains Lifeways exclusive 10 live and active kefir cultures. 10 Live & Active Kefir Cultures: L. casei; L. lactis; L. acidophilus; L. plantarum; L. rhamnosus; S. diacetylacits; S. florentinus; B. bacterium longum; Leuconostoc cremoris; B. bacterium breve.