Kalona SuperNatural Yogurt, Organic Greek, Whole Milk, Honey & Lavender

USDA organic. Non-homogenized. Grass-fed. No stabilizers. 10 g protein. Grade A. Our Kalona SuperNatural Organic Greek Yogurt contains no additives and is made with organic Grade A milk and cultures. It is gently processed so we can deliver your Greek yogurt in the most natural state possible. We use non-homogenized whole milk to create an authentic Greek yogurt. Protein rich. Calcium rich. Kalona Supernatural is based in Kalona, Iowa. A small farming community in the heartland of America. We work with small, sustainable family farms to provide delicious, certified organic Greek yogurt from pasture-grazed cows. Certified organic by: Midwest Organic Services Association. www.kalonasupernatural.com. Manufactured in Wisconsin.