Sierra Nevada Beer, Extra IPA, Torpedo

Purest ingredients. Finest quality. Family owned, operated & argued over. Torpedo Extra IPA owes its intensity to its namesake, the revolutionary Hop Torpedo. What started as a napkin sketch became a custom device to take hop flavor tho the next level. Our Hop Torpedo collects essential oils and resin to spotlight the complex citrus, pine, and herbal character of whole-cone hops. Ken Grossman circa 1975. Frequent climbing trips to the Sierra Nevada mountains inspired founder Ken Grossman to trade the city for the great outdoors. When he opened his brewery in 1980, naming it was an easy decision. Enjoy outdoors. 100% family owned, operated & argued over. Please recycle. Certified Zerowaste: US Zero Waste Business Council. 7.2% alc/vol. 14.4