Izzio Take & Bake Demi Baguette

Fresh milled flour nutritious & flavorful. Small batches ancient techniques. Long fermentation easy to digest. Est. 1994. Great bread starts with great ingredients, which is why at Izzio we collaborated with local farmers and millers to create a custom flour made from wheat that we can trace directly to the farm. 100% traceability ensures our flour is pure, without GMO's, enrichments or additives. We use only authentic small batch baking methods and extended natural fermentation, where some loaves can take up to 72 hours. We choose to ferment our doughs for a long time in order to make bread that is not only more delicious but also better for you. The long fermentation creates great flavor and texture and also helps break down the starches and gluten, making our breads easier to digest. We at Izzio believe that what we do makes eating bread more enjoyable! Demi Baguette french classic: Our version of the classic french baguette is crusty and chewy on the outside with a soft, open and flavorful interior. The result of careful, extended fermentation and traditional small batch methods. 100% recyclable.